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How Do You Know How Much Overtime You Are Owed?

Do you know what your rights are as an employee for overtime compensation and the amount owed for hours worked? Many workers may not realize that they are eligible to be paid overtime pay. It’s important to evaluate whether you have been shortchanged with your overtime by your employer. In this blog post, we’ll explain […]

What are the Costs & Effects of Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination is one of the most disruptive and expensive events that can occur in any workplace. In many cases, wrongful terminations result from discriminatory practices or employers acting in retaliation to an employee—and the consequences for both employees and organizations are far-reaching. From impacts on morale to financial repercussions to legal proceedings, it’s crucial […]

Why is Anti-Harassment Training Important for Employees?

Protecting employees from harassment is a key responsibility for employers. To ensure employers meet their responsibilities, it’s important that they implement anti-harassment training to create a respectful working environment and reduce the chance of workplace complaints or litigation. Anti-harassment training not only helps to protect employees from potentially harmful situations but also helps them better […]

How to Pursue an Unpaid Wage Claim

Are you an employee who is having trouble receiving payment for your wages? Are you unsure about your rights or the steps required to start a wage claim against your employer? You aren’t alone. Unpaid wages are one of the most common complaints employers receive from former workers. Fortunately, searching for unpaid wages lawyers near […]

Wrongful Termination: When Should You Talk to a Lawyer?

In the modern workplace, it is crucial for employees to understand their rights and recognize when they have been wrongfully terminated. Wrongful termination can lead to long-lasting emotional and financial consequences for the affected employee. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, it is essential to consult with experienced wrongful termination lawyers in Pasadena, […]

The Role of Employment Lawyers

Navigating the complex world of employment law can be a daunting task for both employees and employers. Ensuring compliance with California’s labor and discrimination/retaliation laws, protecting employee rights, and resolving disputes are all essential aspects of maintaining a fair and just workplace. In such cases, seeking help from an experienced employment lawyer is crucial. MC […]

What Protection Do Pregnant Employees Have at Work?

Pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant mothers, but it can also come with challenges, especially in the workplace.  Pregnancy discrimination is a form of workplace discrimination that specifically violates California law.  Unfortunately, this type of discrimination is more common than people are aware.  In this article, we will discuss the legal rights and protections […]