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Providing Effective Representation to Victims of Workplace Misconduct

If you were unlawfully terminated from your job or harassed, it can be difficult to understand how to move forward. Pressing financial obligations and the difficulty of finding a new job can cause undue stress. At Mark Charles Law, we understand the difficulty of mistreatment from an employer. Our Pasadena employment attorney has spent nearly 20 years fighting to protect the rights and interests of employees who are unlawfully treated by their employers. We have a successful track record, including settlements in the millions of dollars. Get experience on your side.

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    • Bench Decision Sekurus International, LLC v. West Automotive, LLC, et al $1,534,544.91
    • Personal Injury Settlement $1,200,000.00
    • Class Action Settlement $1,000,000.00
    • Class Action Settlement $900,000.00
    • Wrongful Termination Settlement $825,000.00
    • Wrongful Termination $800,000.00
    • Sexual Harassment Settlement $385,000.00
    • Wrongful Termination/Disability Discrimination Settlement $292,500.00
    • Sexual Harassment Settlement $275,000.00
    • Race Harassment Settlement $250,000.00
    • Sexual Harassment Settlement $240,000.00
    • Wrongful Termination Settlement $185,000.00
    • Wrongful Termination and Unpaid Wages Bigham v. SE Clemons, Inc. $176,000.00
    • Disability Discrimination Settlement $175,000.00
    • Personal Injury Settlement $135,000.00
    • Sexual Harassment Settlement $125,000.00