How to Hire an Attorney for Sexual Harassment Cases

There’s no question that sexual harassment can have a devastating impact on the victims.  The lasting effects of this kind of abuse can take an emotional toll for years after the harassment happened.  If you find yourself in need of legal help because you are a victim of sexual

harassment, it is important to know some strategies about hiring a sexual harassment attorney in Pomona who can represent you and get the best results for you and with compassion.

This blog post will highlight the important factors to consider when searching and then hiring a sexual harassment attorney in Pomona.  As with all attorney-client relationships, you will want an attorney who understands the facts of your case and be your spokesperson, understand your needs before, during and after your case, and has the knowledge and experience needed to fight on your behalf and get the best results possible.

Look for an Attorney with Experience with Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

There are thousands of lawyers in Southern California, but not all of the lawyers focus on

employment law cases.  Sexual Harassment lawsuits are part of employment law cases.  The first question you should ask is: “Has the employment lawyer handled cases like my case?”  You want an employment lawyer that represents employees who have been victims of sexual harassment at work.  These are very sensitive cases and often involve embarrassing facts that are hard to talk about with a stranger.  An attorney with experience in sexual harassment cases should put you at ease because you will not be the first victim they have represented.  You also want an employment lawyer that has experience filing, litigating, and taking cases to trial.  Many lawyers will boast about their results but frequently settle for any amount without ever filing a lawsuit.  This is not always the best strategy, depending on your case.  Employment

lawyers who have taken cases to trial and regularly represent employees in lawsuits gives them a better view to best represent you in your case.  In addition, those types of lawyers are also aware of what you are going through as an employee who suffered sexual harassment,

including the embarrassment, fear, and the fact that many feel alone and no one will believe them.  This is a big decision that you should not take lightly.  It is important to find an

employment lawyer that you can entrust your case who has experience.

Look for An Attorney with Referrals

An easy way to find a sexual harassment lawyer near you is to ask yourself: “Does the

employment lawyer near me has any former clients who would talk about their experience working with the lawyer?”  It is common for asking a lawyer about their work on prior sexual harassment cases.  It is not offensive to ask about their relationships with clients.  With the

current ease of going online, you can also check prior clients vouching for the lawyer by writing reviews.  Two common ways to look for reviews are on Google and Yelp.  Simply google the lawyer’s name and the Google and Yelp reviews will appear.  Many attorneys will also post

testimonials on their website that former clients wrote to explain their experience and result.

Look for Results

One of the reasons victims of sexual harassment at work look for a sexual harassment lawyer is to get compensation for the harassment.  Because these are sensitive cases, some lawyers will not post their results for other clients because the client prefers to keep their anonymity.

However, they may still post results on their website.  They may also speak with you about the cases and results without talking about the client or the employer, but can provide enough

Information for you to understand that they are the right lawyer for you.

Look for a Lawyer Near You

Sexual harassment cases are usually very detailed with facts.  There are often text messages, emails, notes, voicemails, and sometimes letters.  In addition, sexual harassment often happens in a one-on-one environment without any witnesses.  Because of the detailed nature of facts that show sexual harassment and the sensitive situation, it is important to meet with the

attorney face to face frequently.  Finding a sexual harassment closer to you will ease the

problems you will face dropping off documents, meeting with the lawyer and preparing with your lawyer.

Book a Free Consultation with a Sexual Harassment Attorney

Any employee who has been a victim of sexual harassment at work should find a lawyer to talk to about their case.  That allows you to have a better understanding of your legal rights and provides you with another part of your support system.  A skilled sexual harassment lawyer will not judge you for the sexual harassment and will look for ways to help you.

When facing sexual harassment in the workplace, it is important not only to stay aware of your rights but also to take action immediately. These steps outlined above should help you craft a strategy on how best to deal with this issue correctly.

Don’t suffer alone. Start fighting back today. If you are being sexually harassed at work and need legal counsel, seek out a sexual harassment attorney in Pomona. Contact us today so Mark Charles Law APC can give you the help you need.


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