Lemon Law Alert – Power Steering Recall for 22,000 Toyota Tundras and Sequoias

If you own or lease a 2021-2022 Toyota Tundra or 2021-2022 Toyota Sequoia, you should be aware that Toyota has issued a recall for more than 22,000 vehicles because of the power steering fluid leaks.

The problem is power steering gear assemblies that can cause a loss of power steering fluid. Power steering will suddenly lose if enough power steering fluid leaks out, but manual steering will remain. The steering wheels will become more difficult to turn if power steering fails, a problem that is more dangerous when driving at slow speeds and while driving on the freeway. This causes serious safety concerns for drivers and their passengers and can lead to unintended crashes.

The recall letters will be sent out in January 2022. Toyota dealerships will inspect and possibly replace the power steering gear assemblies.

For more information about the recalls, Toyota has set up a dedicated telephone number that owners can call: (800) 331-4331.

This recall is something that all drivers should know about. Under the Song-Beverly Act, car manufacturers are required to repair vehicles while they are under warranty. The law also forces manufacturers to repurchase or “buy back” (in a few instances replace the defective car) cars that the company is unable or unwilling to fix after a reasonable number of repair attempts.

If you have leased or own one of the vehicles listed above or another Toyota that has had a number of repair attempts by the dealer but the problem still exists, you need a Pasadena Lemon Lawyer to help you. Don’t let the manufacturer take advantage of you and allow you to continue to drive the defective and unsafe vehicle you are driving.

Mark Charles Law, APC is located in Los Angeles County and Pasadena. Mark Charles personally handles all cases that are accepted by the firm and will be the attorney that takes your case to trial. Call us at (626) 844-7710 or contact us online to speak with a California lemon law lawyer today.

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