Hiring a Lemon Lawyer vs. Handling a Lemon Law Claim on Your Own

Some people wonder if it is worth hiring a Lemon Lawyer to help with the problems they are having with their car. The frustration of having to deal with the same problem over and over without it ever being fixed grows. This raises the question of whether you should contact the manufacturer on your own or if you should hire a lawyer to help you.

Why Hiring a Lemon Law Attorney Makes Sense

Although you might believe that you do not need a lawyer to help you, there are a number of factors that you should consider before handling a lemon law claim on your own.

  1. Having an experienced attorney that is familiar with the lemon laws (Song-Beverly Act and Tanner Act) will help give you the best chance of getting the best result. The details of each lemon law claim can be unique but an experienced attorney can focus on the areas that present the best case possible for you.
  2. Hiring an attorney also helps you let go of some of the frustration that you experience during the process. The attorney and staff will communicate with the manufacturer. This takes you out of the process, particularly when the manufacturer is delaying or denying any claim made by you.
  3. An attorney also has previously dealt with the representatives for the manufacturer. In most cases, you will not have prior experience working with the manufacturer which can result in the manufacturer denying or delaying your claim. The manufacturer may not refund you the correct amounts that are owed under California’s Lemon Laws.
  4. An attorney will be aware of legal deadlines related to your claim, the calculation of mileage offsets, and other expenses that should be reimbursed. Finally, having an attorney sends a message to the manufacturer that you are serious about pursuing your claim. The manufacturer will know that if the claim is denied that the attorney will continue to pursue it, including all the way to court.
  5. The attorney will often have an expert to evaluate the prior repairs and condition of your vehicle to confirm what problems exist if the manufacturer denies your claim.

When Handling a Lemon Law Claim on Your Own Makes Sense

If the manufacturer has already offered to repurchase your vehicle, you may not need an attorney. However, you should be mindful of the deductions that the manufacturer will deduct from the amount refunded to you and an attorney is aware of the formulas that are used to calculate those deductions. You may want to consider having an attorney review the repurchase offer to make sure that the deductions claimed by the manufacturer are correct.

Ready to Take Your Case to Court

At Mark Charles Law, APC, we are willing to represent you in court and take your case to trial if necessary. We start each case with the intent on getting an early resolution of your claim without going to court because that saves you the time and the headache of a lawsuit. However, we will continue to fight if the manufacturer wrongfully denies your claim and forces the case to court.

If you have leased or own a car that has had a number of repair attempts by the dealer but the problem still exists, you need a Pasadena Lemon Lawyer to help you. Don’t let the manufacturer take advantage of you and allow you to continue to drive the defective and unsafe vehicle you are driving.

Mark Charles Law, APC is located in Los Angeles County and Pasadena. Call us at (626) 844-7710 or contact us online to speak with a California lemon law lawyer today.

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