How Do I Know if My Car is a Lemon?

This is probably the first question that came to mind before you searched the internet for answers. At this point, you have already been frustrated by taking your car back to the dealership to get it repaired but the problem cannot be fixed.

Under California’s Lemon Laws, the manufacturer is legally required to repurchase or buyback your vehicle if it could not be fixed after a “reasonable number of repair opportunities.” In other words, there is not a set number of repair attempts that you must endure before your vehicle qualifies as a lemon. One important factor to remember is the seriousness of the problem and the safety risk that the problem creates. The more serious the problem, the fewer repair attempts needed.

Most Common Safety Problems for a Lemon

Below is a short list of the most common safety issues that limit you from using your car safely or as it was intended when the manufacturer put it out for sale.

  • Engine Problems (engine failures and malfunction, transmission failure, radiator failure, sudden power loss, etc.)
  • Electrical and computer systems
  • Suspension Problems
  • Airbags and seat belt failures
  • Brake failures and problems
  • Accelerator failures
  • Power steering failures

While these are safety features crucial to the vehicle’s operation, if your warranty covers features like the vehicle’s air conditioning, heaters.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Still Under Manufacturer Warranty

To qualify as a lemon under California’s Lemon Laws, your car must still be under the manufacturer’s warranty. That applies even if you leased a car or purchased a used vehicle. As long as the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect, and your vehicle suffers from one of the problems listed above, you may be entitled the protections of California’s Lemon Laws.

If you have leased or own a vehicle that is still under the manufacturer’s warranty and have questions to determine if you have a lemon, you need a Pasadena Lemon Lawyer to help you. Don’t let the manufacturer take advantage of you and allow you to continue to drive the defective and unsafe vehicle you are driving.

Mark Charles Law, APC is located in Los Angeles County and Pasadena. Call us at (626) 844-7710 or contact us online to speak with a California lemon law lawyer today.

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