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Federal and state wage and employment laws can be confusing. California law is governed by fair employment which means employees are entitled to compensation for work and labor performed, such as hourly pay, a fixed salary, and commissions. If your employer failed to uphold their responsibility to pay for overtime work, adequately allow for meal breaks or chose to withhold finances, you may be entitled to recover compensation.

Serving the greater San Gabriel Valley, Mark Charles Law has nearly 20 years of experience holding employers accountable for their actions. We can help pursue a claim against an employer to ensure that they abide by state and federal laws. Our employment firm offers sophisticated legal representation with a comprehensive understanding of applicable California and federal labor codes.

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Your Options for Recovering Unpaid Wages

There are countless ways that employers take advantage of their employees. Our firm has handled cases relating to working overtime without proper compensation, misclassifying employees to withhold payment, prohibiting proper rest and meal breaks, and withholding bonuses or commission. If an employee believes they deserve compensation that is not yet paid, proceeding with an employment attorney can help reclaim what they are owed.

There are three different ways to recover unpaid wages:

  • Informally resolve the dispute with the employer
  • Filing a lawsuit in the court
  • Bringing an administrative claim

Pursuing an Unpaid Wages Lawsuit in Pasadena

If your employer has taken advantage of you by failing to pay earned wages, they are breaking the law. You may be legally owed fair compensation for your work. At Mark Charles Law, we understand the importance of legal counsel when wages are involved. Our team is devoted to helping you understand your legal options to guide you towards a favorable outcome.

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