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Race, Religion & Nationality Discrimination in Pasadena

Protecting Workers from Unfair Treatment

No matter what industry a person works in, discrimination based on factors other than their job performance is prohibited. Employers have a duty to treat each employee fairly, and the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) outlines that so long as a person is willing and able to competently fulfill their job duties, they should be able to maintain their employment. At Mark Charles Law, we have provided effective legal representation for employees who have been unfairly treated. Our Pasadena employment attorney understands the tactics and strategies used to misrepresent cases.

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How Can Discrimination Occur?

Employers who discriminate will often hide their unlawful behavior by claiming to offer help or improvements to the lives of their employees. Under no circumstances is it legal for an employer to treat a person differently due to their race, religion, or nationality.

You may be a victim of discrimination if you were:

  • Passed over for a promotion you were due
  • Harshly disciplined for typical behavior
  • Not hired despite being completely qualified
  • Questioned, then mistreated for your religious beliefs
  • Harassed outright due to appearance, religion, or nationality

Discrimination & the Law

There are many unlawful practices outlined in both California and federal laws. Having an experienced Pasadena employment attorney can help you understand what you’re up against and how you can use the law to your advantage. The team at Mark Charles Law has helped many clients to obtain punitive damages and compensation for lost wages by thoroughly examining the strengths and weaknesses of each case. We understand how employers fight in court, and this invaluable knowledge gives us an advantage when serving our clients.

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