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Protected Leave of Absence Attorney in Pasadena

Advocating for the Rights of Employees

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), California Family Right Act (CFRA), and other statutes, an employee is protected to take time away from their job without fear of repercussions. This means that if an employee has a legitimate reason for requesting time away, an employer cannot deny a required leave, fire an employee, or prevent an employee from returning to work once the leave is over. The Pasadena employment lawyer at Mark Charles Law has nearly 20 years of experience helping these types of clients stand up for their rights.

Employees are permitted to protections should they choose to leave during a:

  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Serious medical condition
  • Medical care of certain immediate family members
  • Military leave
  • Maternity/paternity leave

Do you believe that your right to take leave was violated or that you were unlawfully denied the right to return to work? Speak with Mark Charles Law. We offer free case consultations to discuss your rights pertaining to employment law.

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Laws Regarding Protected Leave

Not all employees are eligible for employment leave. In California, an employer with 50 or more employees that work within 75 miles of the job site is required to provide protected leave. The employee seeking leave must have worked at the job for at least 12 months and has worked 1,250 hours in the year before the leave is scheduled to begin. If you are seeking pregnancy leave, your employer only needs to employ at least five people to be unable to bar your leave, even if you were employed for less than a year.

Standing Up for Your Employment Rights

When you need to take time off from a job, the stress of not knowing what may happen can make the situation worse. California employment law addresses a range of concerns from employees that a skilled lawyer can help to uphold.

You have rights during a protected leave, such as:

  • Returning to the same or equivalent position
  • Continuing enrollment in the employer’s health plan
  • Accruing seniority
  • Participating in employee benefit plans
  • Taking as much of their allotted leave as needed
  • Entitlement to additional medical leave as reasonably needed

Mark Charles Law has experience protecting the rights of our clients during a protected leave of absence case. We strive to make a positive difference and stand up for your rights. Utilizing the law allows our employment law firm to guide you through complicated situations.

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