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Gender Discrimination Claims

Upholding Justice for Victims of Unfair Workplace Treatment

Gender discrimination maintains a system of power where some employees have an advantage over others based on factors other than work performance. One of the most prevalent examples of gender discrimination is the concept of the “glass ceiling” which limits opportunities for female workers to where they are unable to advance their careers past a certain point. Sexual harassment is also considered a form of gender discrimination.

If you believe you are a victim of gender discrimination in the workplace, you have legal options. Speak with the Pasadena gender discrimination attorney at Mark Charles Law to discuss your options.

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Protections for Employees against Discrimination

All genders must be held to the same standards in the workplace regardless of their physical or perceived gender. Incorrect assumptions and outdated viewpoints should not play a role in any employment decisions. When it does, you have legal rights.

An employer may be engaging in gender discrimination if gender plays a role in:

  • Compensation
  • Employee conduct
  • Expected behavior
  • Hiring decisions
  • Office treatment
  • Promotions
  • Raises

Gender discrimination cases require proof that an employee was not offered the same rights and privileges as others based on their gender. To bring this type of case, there needs to be clear evidence that bias and prejudice were a factor in the employer or manager’s decision. Our legal representation helps to provide the necessary proof to help build a successful claim.

What Are My Rights as a Transgender Employee?

Gender identity and expression are protected under California law, whether you are socially transitioning by asking to be referred to differently or you are undergoing surgical or hormonal transition.

Employers may be breaking the law if they:

  • Ask interview questions aimed at gender identity
  • Seek medical documentation related to gender identity
  • Fail to allow the use of gender-specific facilities

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