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Are You a Victim of Workplace Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination is strictly prohibited under federal and state law. By definition, discrimination occurs when one employee is treated differently based on a protected status. Protected statuses include sex, gender, race, religion, age, medical condition, sexual orientation, or disability. Discriminating on the basis of membership in these protected classes is illegal, yet it happens constantly in the workplace.

At Mark Charles Law, we work with employees to discover if they can pursue justice by filing a discrimination claim. With nearly two decades of experience fighting for the rights of workers, we understand what it takes to stand strong. Our tireless advocacy protects the rights of employees in the California workplace.

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Signs of Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace is not always obvious. Employers often try to hide their motivations behind a façade of good intentions.

For example, an employer can pass over employees of a certain age for promotions. When questioned, they then claim they're just not qualified for the role.

A workplace discrimination lawyer can help uncover a pattern in order to establish a case. They can then use this information to hold employers accountable for their actions.

Types of unlawful discrimination include:

Discrimination can take many forms in the workplace. While some are obvious, a victim of discrimination may not immediately recognize other more insidious forms of discrimination.

Some examples of discrimination in employment include:

  • Exclusion of members in a protected group from employment opportunities or benefits
  • Differing wages or salaries paid to equally qualified employees
  • A hostile work environment through harassment of members of a protected group
  • Discipline procedures being applied more strictly to members of a protected group
  • Policies that indirectly and disproportionately affect members of a protected group
  • Inconsistent workloads between employees resulting in members of a protected group either being barred from responsibilities or taking on impossible tasks

There are state and federal laws protecting employees against many forms of discrimination. The American With Disabilities Act, Equal Pay Act, and Age Discrimination in Employment Act are just a few examples of protections available to California workers. An attorney for discrimination can help you understand your rights under the law.

Damages You Can Recover in a Discrimination Case

A proven case of discrimination in court entitles the victim to varying types of compensation, depending on the situation.

Examples of recoverable damages include:

  • Back Pay
  • Future Lost Wages
  • Lost Benefits
  • Emotional Distress
  • Punitive Damages

The court could also rule for policy change or other elements to improve the experience of other employees.

Navigating Discrimination Laws in Southern California

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